Who We Are

Welcome to our page!! We're super glad you're here. My name is Sam. My husband, Jonathan, and I started this company right after having our first baby because we wanted to create a safer environment for her to grow up in. 


We are passionate about making non-toxic, primarily organic skincare that works, is affordable and accessible so that there are no barriers to people and their families living their best lives.

We are on a journey, just like you (hopefully!) to live the non-toxic lifestyle, but were we ever frustrated when we went to look for skincare products and found we couldn't afford them!

That set a fire in us. We started making our own skincare but as the years went on, we found that nothing got better in the markets, and in fact, it was getting sketchier - essential oils were being haphazardly thrown around without a concern for the potential dangers they caused and people were charging crazy amounts for these risky natural products!

The final straw was when we had our first baby and needed to find a non-toxic nipple balm. All of the natural ones we found had essential oils in them, which we didn't feel comfortable ingesting, let alone our baby!

At this point, we were making so many of our own products that we thought, "Surely someone else could benefit from it too!"

And Skinny Dipper Skincare was born. We are passionate about helping you feel confident in your skin and what you put on it. We don't want cost to be a barrier to using organic natural products that work! Our products range from 73-100% organic to keep costs reasonable, and we only use evidence based ingredients so you know it works!

No excuses. Take the dive into non-toxic skincare. Go Natural. 

Bentonite Clay Face Mask on a Self-Care Sunday

(Trying to smile whilst masking is hard!)