Organic Non Toxic and Deeply Hydrating Lip Balm with Vitamin E
Lip Dip (Mint)

Lip Dip (Mint)

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Want juicy, smooth lips using only the best organic products from nature’s apothecary? Try our Minty Lip Balm that’s full of hydrating goodness and Vitamin E. It’s lightweight but practically industrial-strength in its ability to moisturize, leaving your skin with a tingle and a gloss to freshen up your pout.

When it comes to lips, ditch the chemicals. You not only absorb them through your skin, but will undoubtedly accidentally ingest them. Besides if you’re kissing your babies or your significant other, and you’ve got our Lip Dip on, you can feel confident you aren’t leaving behind yucky chemicals!

Ingredients/Ingrédients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Cera Alba**, Lanolin, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Mentha Piperita *. *Organic, ** Organically managed. 90% Organic (includes Organically Managed Beeswax)

Check out the research behind each ingredient on our Evidence Based Ingredients Blog Post. 

*Do not get product in or near eyes as the peppermint may burn.

**We will ALWAYS advise doing a patch test first to ensure you do not react or have sensitivities to any of the ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Meghan Eveland
Love it!

It’s awesome, and I love the skin care cleansing oil and facial oil. It’s the only thing that I use on my face that helps with acne/oily skin.

Marie VanderWyngaard

Lip Dip, Nip Dip and Facial Oil are all amazing. I LOVE the scent of the Facial Oil! The scent doesn't last though because it's natural. But that's ok! Don't want any artificial scent anyway! And a drop goes a LONG way! Love it!

Love it with lanolin

I liked the original but now that I’ve tried it with lanolin I’m not going back! Used to ALWAYS be putting on lip chap or Vaseline but I put this on at night and I’m usually good the entire next day! I rarely put anything on during the day anymore! Also means this will last forever before I have to order more :)

Effective lip balm

I have incorporated this product into my daily skin care routine. Very effective, especially during the dry winter months.

Quality lip balm with a great taste

Nice moisturising but gentle minty balm. I love that this lip balm doesn't have the usual 'lip balm taste' (stale waxiness). It tastes fresh! It doesn't have a fully smooth consistency in the tin but goes on smooth and feels light on the lips. The major drawback for me is that it's in a tin rather than a tube: I only use this at home because then I know I can wash my fingers first; it's a bit more awkward to apply straight on the lips from a tin. If this could be easily applied hands-free then def 5/5.