What the Heck is Oil Cleansing, Anyways?

I have always been taught, from a very young age, that acne was caused by oil overproduction and the surest way to clear my skin was to avoid oils AT ALL COSTS. The number of alcohol based products (even straight rubbing alcohol - shudder) that I put on my face to follow that advice haunts me. 

And it never got better. I'll spare you my sob story of acne that turned into adult acne that lasted until I made some major, and intuitive but not-obivous changes.

Let's go back to mainstream advice and grade 11 science class. We were taught  that likes dissolves likes. Right? Well this applies to skincare. Wha??? And it makes sense. Oil and water don't mix. If you're trying to get something, let's say.... a blocked pore, cleaned up, and it's full of oil, why would water get it out? Water and oil are polar opposites - they repel each other (science word: hydrophobic), so the water can't really get in there to do its work. Now OIL. Oil is like bringing out the big guns. You've got an oil problem? Fight fire with fire. 

When you oil cleanse you are using oil to really get into those blocked pores and flush the oily dirt out. When you add the hot cloth (not scalding please!!) on top of the oil and massage it in, the heat opens up the pores and the oil swoops in and saves the day. Trust us.

Follow-up the cleanse with a facial oil and your skin has no reason to overproduce oil any more! 


So how do you do oil cleansing? Check out this video below to see how and give it a try!

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